Veeva RTSM Resources

General Information

Biostatistics Services

Veeva RTSM customers have access to expert biostatisticians as part of every study implementation. Find out more about this valuable service.

System Overview

This 3-minute video guides a site user through the key pages of Veeva RTSM’s easy-to-navigate system.

Product Brief

Read the Veeva RTSM datasheet

Evaluation checklist

Download this helpful guide for selecting your new RTSM.

Supply Management

kit lifecycle veeva rtsm
Lifecycle of a Kit

Review how a Manual Shipment can be requested by a site and follow the rest of the kit lifecycle from assignment through to Kit Accountability and destruction.

Device Supply & Accountability

A regulatory compliant solution for managing medical device supply.

supply management enablement rtsm veeva
Supply Management Enablement

Watch how RTSM enables Supply Management through IP Release, Batch Handling and Site Management.

RTSM Resupply

Learn more about Veeva RTSM's supply management capabilities. Read The Fundamentals and Beyond and Watch our Resupply Strategies Video

Study Specific Designs and Integrations


Do you only need randomization for your next study? Download our fact sheet.

Autologous Cell Therapy Trials

Clinical trials exploring autologous cell therapies have unique supply chain needs. Learn more about these and how Veeva RTSM can help.

RTSM to EDC Integration

Watch how Veeva RTSM and Vault EDC provide a seamless connection, removing the need for duplicate data entry and reducing reconciliation efforts for data management teams.

RTSM to CDB Integration

Veeva CDB can centrally aggregate, clean and transform data from multiple sources. One important data source is RTSM; Veeva RTSM makes this easy. Watch this video to learn more…

Dose Escalation/Early Phase Studies

Learn how an RTSM's adjustable and self-service controls can facilitate adaptability in early-phase trials.

Terms and Best Practices

Terms and Acromyns

Acronyms and Terms Used in Clinical Trials.

Best Practices

Download our guide to UAT testing for your RTSM.

Authorization Codes

Download our PDF to learn about Authorization Codes as a solution to control potential protocol deviations.

High-Risk Mid-Study Changes

Learn more about risks and best practices for responsibly and efficiently implementing design changes during an ongoing clinical study in this white paper from Veeva RTSM.

Integration Best Practices

Download this white paper to learn about best practices when integrating RTSM and EDC solutions, and how it can affect screening, randomization, lab data, stratification, and other data.

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