Can Your RTSM be Both Powerful and User-friendly?

The Challenge:
As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, data collection systems for clinical trials are at risk of becoming less intuitive for users. The challenge for the pharma-tech industry is obvious: how to deliver more power while remaining user-friendly for the diverse population of users at clinical sites around the world.


The Solution:
Randomization and Trial Supply Management  (RTSM) is one area in which power vs. ease of use is being addressed.

You may ask, How do I tell if my current RTSM system is user-friendly?

One way to answer this question is to look at the number of clicks it takes to perform necessary tasks. For instance, how many clicks does it take for a Project Manager to get a full list of active Subjects from their RTSM system?

With Veeva RTSM the answer is: ZERO. A summary table of Subject Data is the default webpage of the system.

Or, how many clicks are needed for Screening a Subject?

Answer: Two! One to open the Add Subject screen, a second to submit the activity when all necessary information has been added.

How many clicks does your current RTSM require to complete these actions?

This vital question — “How many clicks does it take to…?” — is a key question decision-makers need to ask when vetting a RTSM system.

We use this approach of minimizing clicks as one important way of reducing the complexity of our user interface. A typical clinical researcher may participate in or manage multiple projects, and may use different RTSM systems for managing subjects and inventory for each project. An intuitive, easy to use system is key to the best User Experience.

The Veeva RTSM system meets the needs of our users by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use, tool for our clients.

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