Veeva introduces Veeva RTSM during EU Summit

I’ve just attended my first in-person Veeva EU Summit event. It was inspiring to see the energy, enthusiasm, and passion from the Veeva customers and my colleagues in Zurich. Jim Reilly, VP of Development, Veeva Cloud Strategy, introduced Veeva RTSM to the audience during the opening keynote session. That kicked off the incredible flurry of …

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Why Flexibility is Important in Clinical Trials Supply — and how a nimble RTSM partner can help keep your trial on track.

changes in clinical trials can be challenging

Why is flexibility important to keeping a clinical trial on track? To illustrate this, let’s explore the Clinical Trial Supply Lifecycle using a fictional Sponsor named Pharzm who is running a Phase 3 trial for a new drug. Pharzm has a new two-year trial, which includes 200 subjects. They plan to manufacture 5,280 bottles of …

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Effective RTSM Startup Meetings – Tips for Sponsors and CROs

An RTSM system is the tool of choice for clinical trial subject randomization and management, drug assignment, and inventory control. The RTSM system is often the first point of entry for subject data before it is pushed to the EDC housing the clinical database. So when it’s time to hold the startup meeting with your …

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