Veeva introduces Veeva RTSM during EU Summit

I’ve just attended my first in-person Veeva EU Summit event. It was inspiring to see the energy, enthusiasm, and passion from the Veeva customers and my colleagues in Zurich.

Jim Reilly, VP of Development, Veeva Cloud Strategy, introduced Veeva RTSM to the audience during the opening keynote session. That kicked off the incredible flurry of activity for me on this topic.

I personally get excited about RTSM all the time. I consider myself an RTSM geek and veteran after almost 20 years in this space, but the response from the attendees to this announcement was more than I could have anticipated.

The questions throughout the day ranged from ‘so is your RTSM really already available?’ (and yes, it is) to ‘can it handle multiple dose titration possibilities and predict supply for the difference eventualities?’ (and yes, it can). I listened to a number of challenges from customers including handling complex trial designs, lengthy costly amendment processes and some unique supply scenarios and I truly believe we have the system, services, and strategy to help overcome these.

The key messages conveyed during the many conversations and demonstrations centered around Veeva RTSM being fast, intuitive, AND complete. We do not believe customers should need to compromise on any one of these aspects.

We are also open and connected. Our first integration with Vault CDMS is due to go live this week. There are no prerequisites to using Veeva RTSM; it can be used with or without other Veeva products and integrates with other EDC providers and distribution partners.

This message and our roadmap plans, especially the need for speed, resonated with everyone I spoke with.  I look forward to continuing the conversations with the RTSM community and to attending future conferences, especially the Veeva US summit in October.


About the Author: Natalie Townsend is Veeva RTSM’s Vice President, Strategy. She has extensive RTSM experience and is responsible for growing Veeva’s RTSM presence and providing thought leadership in this space.