Veeva RTSM: Intuitive End-user Navigation

You may have heard about how easy it is to navigate the Veeva RTSM system. To illustrate this, we’ve added an overview demo video to our resources page. This video guides a site user through the key pages of the system.

This video guides a site user through the key pages of the system. In under 3 minutes, it covers:

  • Login
  • Subjects page
  • Events page
  • Shipments page
  • Kits page
  • Admin menu
  • Help page

Logging in opens the Subjects page, where you can screen a new subject or perform relevant subject transactions like screen failure, randomization, or scheduled visits. The options presented for each subject will be based on the study design and the subject’s status.

The Events page displays a list of all subject transactions registered at the site. If the subject has received a kit at their visit, that information is displayed here for site reference. This information can also be found in exports, e-mail, and on-screen confirmations.

The Shipments page displays a list of all shipments ordered for, in transit to, or arrived at a site. Tracking information can be entered in RTSM and displayed for site reference. The site will acknowledge their shipment using the Menu option to the left of the relevant shipment number.

The Kits page displays a list of the kits associated with a site, along with desired kit details, like the kit status, subject assigned, and date of assignment. The information displayed is based on the user role and the blinding status of the user.

From the Admin menu, site users can view their site information, such as their drug shipment address, or view a summary of the inventory at their site.

The Profile menu contains the Messages page. This key feature of the Veeva RTSM system allows users to view renditions of e-mail notifications generated by the system. Not only can users view their message in real time on screen, but they can also trigger a resend of the relevant notification to their email address if it is needed.

If a user needs assistance, the Help page contains the Veeva RTSM helpdesk contact information. Both the e-mail address and country-specific phone numbers for support can be found here for easy reference.

We hope this video has helped you visualize how to navigate our user-friendly, yet powerful system.

If you would like more information about Veeva RTSM, please reach out to your Veeva Account Partner or contact us.  Thank you!