In their own words: The Veeva team describes Summit 2022

The Veeva Summit is a customer-focused conference where industry leaders can join to share best practices around the implementation and use of Veeva Products. This year was the Veeva RTSM team’s first Summit experience

We asked them how it went, and here is what they said about their experience: 


What was your impression of the Veeva Summit?  How would you describe it to a customer?

Amie Ehlin VP, Veeva RTSM Services: Veeva Summit exceeded my expectations. Being my first time there, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect.  The positivity, information sharing, and genuine desire for everyone there to simply improve experiences for patients, sites and all users was impressive. 

Natalie Townsend, VP, Veeva RTSM Strategy: It needs to be experienced to be believed. Summit is genuinely all about connecting customers with customers, and there is such a unique combination of innovation, energy, and humility. 

Sean Parr, Senior RTSM Project Manager: Veeva Summit is a great opportunity for customers to make connections with other customers and hear from them the successes they have had working with Veeva. Listening to other customers present their experiences and discussing topics in Connect and round table discussions with Veeva staff gives customers great opportunities to learn and provide real-world examples for feedback.


What was your favorite part of the Summit?

Amie Ehlin: My favorite part of Veeva Summit was the tone; this was truly designed for our customers. Every decision made had them in mind.

Elizabeth Honeycutt, Director, Sales Support and Marketing: I enjoyed the collaboration and networking that resonated throughout Summit – from the Welcome Reception to the Last session. Attendees listened and energetically engaged with the presenters, Veeva Solutions Consultants, and each other to learn more about what is new, what is on the Veeva roadmap, and what is working well to share with others. 

Ken Faulkner, VP, Veeva RTSM Strategy: In our industry, patients are the ultimate target of everything we do.  Although Summit attendees come from competing companies, the patient-focused culture of the event allowed attendees to share best practices in clinical development in a safe and open environment.  The free sharing of technology developments and practices benefits everyone in our industry, as this is an area for cooperation, not competition, among our customers.  

Sean Parr: Hearing from customers providing real-world experiences in working with not only Veeva RTSM, but other Veeva teams as well, gave great insight into how Veeva has a big role in assisting in the overall success and growth of the industry.

Natalie Townsend: There were so many amazing customer speakers and opportunities to connect. However, I may be a little biased, but with this being our inaugural Veeva RTSM track at Summit having Eric Hardy from Innovaderm and Ming Xuan from Innovent speak was my stand-out favorite part. 


Did you learn a key insight at the Summit?  What was it?   

Ken Faulkner:  The main lesson for me was that Veeva RTSM was new to many of our customers!  And now that they know, they are anxious to see how Veeva RTSM will fit into the Veeva Life Sciences Cloud and further improve clinical operations. 

Natalie Townsend: A very specific insight for me was during a Syneos data management session. The team was highlighting how technology adoption must be aligned with processes. This type of session always reminds me that as we innovate technology, we must ensure customers are well equipped to successfully adopt it; people, process and technology. 

Sean Parr: Having so many customers fully engaged in presentations and Connect sessions made it easy to see that Veeva has already made a great impact on the industry. When introducing RTSM to the existing Veeva systems and services, customers were eager to learn about the capabilities and effectiveness of the already robust system. 


How do you think a customer would benefit from the experience?  

Andi DeStefano, Director, Project Management: The roadmaps are very informative for customers to know what types of system updates will be available.

Ken Faulkner: Our pharma and biotech customers, though competing to develop the safest and most effective therapies, understand that they are not in a competition for technology.  By attending Summit with an open mindset, our customers can improve their development systems through an open sharing of best tools and practices, without affecting their ability to compete in the therapeutic marketplace.  Attending Veeva Summit allows everyone to accomplish their goals more efficiently, while also providing Veeva with critical market information to improve our products and services.

Participating in the Veeva Summit is a great way for customers to engage with industry leaders and Veeva staff to learn from one another and share experiences in life sciences. 

Would you like to learn more about the Veeva Summit?  Contact us or click here for information on next year’s Summit in September back in Boston.  We’re looking forward to it.