Veeva Celebrates 16 years of RTSM Studies

Though this is the first year since Veeva acquired Veracity Logic to form Veeva RTSM, the team and system have a 16-year history of successfully partnering with sponsors and CRO’s, helping them simplify subject management, randomization, and trial supply. The system is fast, intuitive, and complete – its modular and highly configurable design system allows for rapid set-up timelines and flexible mid-study amendments. And it’s designed to be user-friendly and help eliminate errors, saving customers both time and money.

To top it off, the team’s can-do attitude when working with customers’ complex and challenging studies earned them loyal, repeat customers.

The transformation from Veracity Logic to Veeva RTSM has been a powerful step to provide industry-leading services to a wider customer base. Becoming part of Veeva enables RTSM to have more support, resources, and connections to the Veeva Digital Trials Platform.

For example, studies can integrate data seamlessly and avoid duplicate data entry with a connected strategy across EDC and RTSM.  Veeva RTSM is unleashing the system’s potential, while still providing the excellent customer service Veracity Logic provided for many years.

In the past year since Veeva has entered the RTSM market, the team has achieved several important milestones:

  • Grew the team by 233%
  • Increased the number of studies by 85%
  • Implemented a new, improved User Interface consistent with other Veeva products
  • Debuted Veeva RTSM to our customers at the Veeva Summit


We want to thank all of the team for their efforts and contributions so far and let you know there are more developments to come in 2023.

Stay tuned for another exciting year!