Can I move an existing study to Veeva RTSM?

As an RTSM partner, Veeva RTSM works with sponsors and CROs to implement our solution for new studies. Sometimes, however, we are called on to help with unique scenarios involving studies that have already begun recruitment, such as the following: The study started collecting RTSM data in a simple solution (maybe even Excel), but the …

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Jumping the Hurdles of Everyday Clinical Trial Challenges

Despite your team’s careful planning, unexpected road bumps can occur when a clinical trial is in the field.  We hope none of these happen to you, but here’s how a nimble RTSM would help you handle these situations.   Someone left the package out in the heat! Problem: Your drug must always remain within a …

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Why Flexibility is Important in Clinical Trials Supply — and how a nimble RTSM partner can help keep your trial on track.

changes in clinical trials can be challenging

Why is flexibility important to keeping a clinical trial on track? To illustrate this, let’s explore the Clinical Trial Supply Lifecycle using a fictional Sponsor named Pharzm who is running a Phase 3 trial for a new drug. Pharzm has a new two-year trial, which includes 200 subjects. They plan to manufacture 5,280 bottles of …

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