Five Tips for Minimizing Mid-study Change Delays

According to a survey published in Applied Clinical Trials, study changes and their associated delays topped the list of challenges faced while conducting a clinical trial. Mid-study changes and the need to update RTSM design are often inevitable, especially in adaptive trials. However, there are ways to minimize the impact and even embrace this need …

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Why Flexibility is Important in Clinical Trials Supply — and how a nimble RTSM partner can help keep your trial on track.

changes in clinical trials can be challenging

Why is flexibility important to keeping a clinical trial on track? To illustrate this, let’s explore the Clinical Trial Supply Lifecycle using a fictional Sponsor named Pharzm who is running a Phase 3 trial for a new drug. Pharzm has a new two-year trial, which includes 200 subjects. They plan to manufacture 5,280 bottles of …

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